New Partnership with Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association

New Partnership Altitude Accelerator is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association.  The CBSCA will provide education and mentoring to support Altitude Accelerator entrepreneurs. Blockchain is an important technology for the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Blockchain technologies provide efficiency, security and traceability to supply chain related activities. “As a… Continue reading New Partnership with Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association

Applying Lean Principles to Iterate the MVP

Lean Startup Methodology Lean startup methodology is defined by the “build-measure-learn” feedback loop. Treat your versions of your MVP with the mindset of a scientist who is running an experiment. Learn something from each launch. However, don’t just launch with the hope of getting something – define what you’re trying to learn before launching. For… Continue reading Applying Lean Principles to Iterate the MVP

To Code or Not To Code

To Code or Not to Code… Software founders can save money by learning how to build software prototypes or minimum viable products themselves. This requires that they already know how to code or have an interest in learning about building their own product. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to learn the… Continue reading To Code or Not To Code

Who Creates the MVP

Being an entrepreneur with a great idea for software can be rewarding, but it doesn’t mean much until the application has been built. Your first move depends on your technical skills, the innovation required to develop the software, and how much funding you can get. Who Creates the MVP & Building the Right Team First,… Continue reading Who Creates the MVP

What Goes Into an MVP

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a quickly created product intended learn about your customers in a “lean” way. This minimizes the time and money you put into development. You can engage with a low fidelity MVP, which is simple but gives you some insight into the customer’s interest. Higher-fidelity MVP’s let you learn about… Continue reading What Goes Into an MVP

Purpose of an MVP

Welcome to the Altitude Accelerator blog series on creating a minimum viable product (MVP) for a software innovation. The series will cover topics including describing different types of MVPs, who should build them, whether or not to learn coding skills, how to create wireframes, collecting user feedback, and applying lean principles to development. These topics… Continue reading Purpose of an MVP