Who Creates the MVP

Being an entrepreneur with a great idea for software can be rewarding, but it doesn’t mean much until the application has been built. Your first move depends on your technical skills, the innovation required to develop the software, and how much funding you can get.

Who Creates the MVP & Building the Right Team

First, you should consider finding a technical cofounder (often known as the CTO or senior developer) as your partner. Their role is to help you get your business off the ground, then, as your organization grows, lead development. Finding a cofounder who is the right fit can be challenging so build connections in your network, attend technical industry events, and make use of cofounding websites such as CoFounders Lab, Founder2be, or Founders Nation.

To implement the software, you need developers, and you can choose to hire in-house staff, outsource to a development company, hire freelancers, hire students or interns, or develop it yourself. Your choice depends on how much funding you have available, the amount of development you need, and your plans for longer-term support and maintenance.

Hiring full-time programmers is a long-term commitment which gives you a foundation on which to build your organization and then support the product as it evolves.

Outsourcing your programming to a software development company is an excellent option if you can afford it and if you need your product developed quickly.

Freelancers are a great choice to fill more specialized roles on your development team.  You can use freelancers to act as advisors or work on small, discrete, well-defined tasks.

Another option is to provide mentorship through student work placement programs to engineering students by using them to complete a deliverable MVP that they can use to showcase their skills in software development. They have less experience, but this option is less expensive than other staffing methods and they can be groomed into future in-house developers.

Finally, you can develop the software yourself, assuming you are not in a rush to get the product to market and have the necessary skills. The advantage of this approach is cost is low but using your time to develop software distracts you from growing your business.

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