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If you have an idea and want to get started


Self-paced program to help you build your business model canvas for your early stage ideas.

Business Model Canvas, IP Strategy, Target Customers, Value Proposition, Market Research

I'm growing my company

Growth Essentials

Growth Essentials Self-paced program of curated videos from seasoned experts that provide you with the fundamentals to grow your business and raise capital.

MVP, Sales, Marketing, IP, HR, Capital Raising

Market Readiness

Self taught, building MVP, Prototyping. First clients

This Intensive 12-week session program with concentration on sales and marketing for companies looking to grow and scale presents actionable learning that allows you to apply to your business today.

I am raising funds

Investor Readiness

For high potential startups, this session/self-paced program and coaching program designed to uncover opportunities and fine tune your investor presentation.

Preparation for capital raising, Overview on financial and investment; pitch preparation

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