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This Altitude Accelerator’s flagship program is for innovative tech solutions looking to scale.

This Intensive 12-week session program with concentration on sales and marketing for companies looking to grow and scale presents actionable learning that allows you to apply to your business today.


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The Altitude Accelerator Incubator has most certainly added significant value to Li-Cycle’s development as we progressed from a bench scale-tested resource recovery/recycling technology to operating a fully commercial facility located in Kingston, Ontario. As rechargeable lithium-ion batteries continue to electrify our world in all parts of life, Li-Cycle is proud to play a critical role to leading the transformation of lithium-ion batteries into a circular and sustainable product, thereby minimizing their environmental impact

Ajay Kochhar
CEO, Li-Cycle (Cleantech)


Building your sales and marketing pipeline

Inability to grow sales hinders startups in their ability to scale and raise capital. Our experts in Sales and Marketing have developed a set of custom workshops to help you effectively communicate your solution to your ideal buyer and build a sustainable pipeline. Our VC partner Preference Capital and our investment network will help you understand how it all fits together in the eyes of external capital.

Grow your presence in the market

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Low Conversion & Closing Rates Stunting Your Growth? ​

Access top-tier mentors and advisors, expert-led workshops, and peer support  today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an online incubator experience look like at Altitude Accelerator?

Sessions will all be run virtually but have been designed to maximize engagement between our companies and our subject experts. We encourage peer to peer discussions and questions so that you can get feedback not only from the expert but your peers.

What will we be asked to present during the application process?

If invited to present to our External Review Panel, we will send you a sample deck of the questions to answer. You will be asked to describe the size of the opportunity, your product, current business stage and significant milestones you are looking to achieve in the next 6 months, current market traction, and any funding that has already gone into your business.  

This will help us assess the Incubator program is the right fit to help you grow. 

Do I have to be a Altitude Accelerator client to apply?

You can apply before you register with us as a client; however, to take part of the program, this will be a requirement. Register here.

Registration is free and will bring you into our network opening up partner offers/discounts, access to MaRs resources, open workshops and events, and etc. We have over 600 clients in various industries that we support.

Does Altitude Accelerator find customers for you?

No, we provide in-depth training in sales and marketing alongside with strategic advice to help you find and convert customers. We are happy to make connections with industry when there is a good fit between the opportunity and your business. 

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