Applying Lean Principles to Iterate the MVP

Lean Startup Methodology

Lean startup methodology is defined by the “build-measure-learn” feedback loop. Treat your versions of your MVP with the mindset of a scientist who is running an experiment. Learn something from each launch. However, don’t just launch with the hope of getting something – define what you’re trying to learn before launching.

For example, you could test colors on your landing page to find out which gets more conversions or a new linking structure to determine if that causes customers to spend more time on your site. This is the only effective way to use your MVP as a learning tool.


After making the decision about what to build and the features included, go ahead and build your MVP. Part of the process is believing that you understand the product and users. Building the MVP and its iterations gives you the ability to take action on what you know combined with what you learned.


After each MVP iteration, measure the results to get data for the next experiment.


Once you’ve completed the launch and measured the results, use that data to validate your expectations. This will help you design new features or change existing ones.

Accelerate growth

As you learn which features interest customers, continue to add features to improve your product. Your audience should continue to grow and your business along with it. Before long, the idea of a feasible business will become reality.

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