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19 – Sanjay Khanna: How to Build an Interoperable System of Trust?

About the episode: Sanjay Khanna founded ValidCert, a blockchain credential and data room platform during the pandemic. With many years of experience as an advisor, manager, and instructor, he brings a platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors, education institutions, and students to enable all parties to get transparent and authentic information.

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17 – Success Secrets of a Persistent Entrepreneur

“Find a core for your business that you can always think in the core and build solutions. That core is always more important than driving money.” –Elie Makhoul, CEO of AssetFlo About the episode: Elie Makhoul is an engineer and the CEO of AssetFlo. AssetFlo is a game-changing IoT technology

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16 – Winged Whale Media: Disrupting Tourism through the Metaverse

“Being an entrepreneur and running your own stuff, it’s a roller coaster. There’re always ups and downs…But when I think about the life that I live now, I literally can’t envision myself younger doing something else.” –Jason Palmer, Digital Media Director of Winged Whale Media About the episode: Metaverse, sunrise,

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15: Akeem Gardner – A Team Building Expert

Akeem Gardner is a co-founder of Atlas 365, a startup focuses on health and wellness nature products. Akeem is a passionate entrepreneur, he believes that to build a team for his startup is like to build a dream team in sports. Akeem is dedicated to build his “Championship” team over

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