15: Akeem Gardner – A Team Building Expert

Akeem Gardner is a co-founder of Atlas 365, a startup focuses on health and wellness nature products. Akeem is a passionate entrepreneur, he believes that to build a team for his startup is like to build a dream team in sports. Akeem is dedicated to build his “Championship” team over the years.

About the episode:

“We got to keep going regardless. Got to prove everyone wrong, got to prove that I’m ready and got to take care of the people around us. We got to keep this going. And that’s how I approached it.”          –Akeem Gardner

In this episode, we cover several key topics including: 

  • Why Akeem is successful? [01:46]
  • What business does Atlas 365 do and how did Akeem start? [03:20]
  • How did Akeem build the team and other partnerships [09:47]
  • Lesson learned: Do not trust an outside person in fund raising [17:30]
  • What should Akeem have told a 20 year younger version of him? [23:02]
  • The future for Atlas 365 and Akeem’s vision [25:09]

…and a lot more to listen to!

About Host Patrick McGuire

Patrick is a creative entrepreneur, team leader, and Altitude Accelerator board member who has focused on the sales and success of companies including: HR tech, fintech, sports tech, Software-as-a-Service, cannabis (CBD / THC), nutrition, health and wellness, fitness corporations, and business of all sizes with a love for helping business grow and scale from $500k to north of $50m. With an entrepreneurial mindset focused on team-building, his ethical leadership delivers win-win solutions for his companies and clients.