14 – A Non-prototypical Entrepreneur as a Financial Service Startup Co-Founder

Andrew Kirkland, co-founder of Justwealth, talks about his unique experience and the vision of the financial services startup.

About the episode:

“I was thinking about all these, what I believe were inefficiencies within the market. And I was like, okay, I’m just going to write down all the ideas on what I think it is to make it better.”

–Andrew Kirkland

We interviewed Andrew Kirkland, the co-founder of the financial service company Justwealth. 

In this episode, we cover several key topics including: 

  • Who is Andrew? What is Andrew’s path to an entrepreneur? [01:34]
  • How did Andrew come up with the core idea? What is the meaning of “Justwealth”? [06:55]
  • How did the idea get to market? [12:33]
  • How did Andrew interact with Altitude Accelerator (formerly RIC Centre)? [18:24]
  • Entrepreneur reflections & strategies [21:30]

…and a lot more to listen to!

About Host Patrick McGuire

Patrick is a creative entrepreneur, team leader, and Altitude Accelerator board member who has focused on the sales and success of companies including: HR tech, fintech, sports tech, Software-as-a-Service, cannabis (CBD / THC), nutrition, health and wellness, fitness corporations, and business of all sizes with a love for helping business grow and scale from $500k to north of $50m. With an entrepreneurial mindset focused on team-building, his ethical leadership delivers win-win solutions for his companies and clients.