UCIC Changing how People Interact with Technology

Today, the realm of interactive and intelligent technology is being constantly redefined. Through application and innovation, the field is always presenting something new. The Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC) is at the forefront of that innovation. “We’re hoping to change how people interact with technology and the world around them,” says UCIC co-founder Leor Grebler.… Continue reading UCIC Changing how People Interact with Technology

Minavox Continues to Innovate

As video technology becomes more relevant in numerous markets, Minavox is continually innovating and searching for ways to take advantage of its potential. Founded in 2007, Minavox is a Toronto-based software developer whose proprietary technology, Video Interviewing Platform (VIP), is a web-based video survey and interviewing platform. Specifically, this technology can be used for recruiting… Continue reading Minavox Continues to Innovate

Cyclica Inc: Big Data, Better Medicine

By: Dana Bibi Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate costly trial and error experiments by having access to accurate trends and predictions? In the world of medicine, expensive pharmaceutical clinical trials impede the development of better and safer drugs. By compiling biological and chemical databases, Cyclica aims to streamline the research and development of medicines… Continue reading Cyclica Inc: Big Data, Better Medicine