Sustaining the Future Through Green Technology

By: Areej Shah Is driving a car becoming cost-prohibitive in Ontario? The Western GTA Summit Committee found that the “average transportation costs for GTA families soar to $10,000 per year.” As gas prices continue to rise, car owners are feeling the pressure to use alternative means of transportation. Many people walk to nearby places, use public transportation… Continue reading Sustaining the Future Through Green Technology

Sustainability Skills Lab: Driving Energy Performance – Manufacturing

  Join Partners in Project Green and Natural Resources Canada to learn about:ENERGY MONITORING TO SUPPORT OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTYou can’t manage what you don’t measure. Learn how to save valuable energy and dollars by following simple steps to track your performance and achieve results. By the end of the two part workshop, you will: UNDERSTAND… Continue reading Sustainability Skills Lab: Driving Energy Performance – Manufacturing

Recycling Idol promotes ‘Green’ tech

By: Matthew Kert The Altitude Accelerator is proud to host the first Recycling Idol on December 6th. A spinoff of the popular Innovator Idol that is held every year, this event is all about clean technology and sustainability. The event is a combination of Dragon’s Den and American Idol, having companies present their technologies, with… Continue reading Recycling Idol promotes ‘Green’ tech

Ideas worth spreading at TEDx

By: Fatema Fatakdawala This year’s TEDx conference which took place on October 26th consisted of some interesting and inspiring innovations and ideas. While this 2012 event had a great speaker line up, I found a couple of the topics particularly interesting. For example, author Isha Datar’s talk on the possibilities for an in vitro meat production system.… Continue reading Ideas worth spreading at TEDx

Innovations in Solar Energy

By: Fatema Fatakdawala For decades, environmental management activists have been preaching about the advantages of renewable forms of energy such as solar panels and wind farms. Today, we see this slowly transforming in to reality with increasing oil prices and a technology push in the right direction. The significant drop in global prices of solar… Continue reading Innovations in Solar Energy

Canada Placed 8th in Clean Energy

  With the ever increasing price at the pumps, good news was recently published by The Pew Charitable Trusts. According to Pew’s latest Clean Energy Race Report, Canada placed 8th amongst the G20 countries for its investment in the clean energy sector in 2009. Key highlights include: G20 countries’ investment in clean technologies make up… Continue reading Canada Placed 8th in Clean Energy