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SmithsonMartin creates DJ technology of the future

Running from August 26th to the 28th the Emulator Festival, Sponsored by SmithsonMartin Inc, is set to be the premier North American event for Techno and House music.

Emulator Festival will be the first time in the world that SmithsonMartin’s new, fully customizable, version of the Emulator will be used. According to SmithsonMartin co-founder Alan Smithson “we are super excited to see what some of the best DJ’s in the world will do with our software. Our fully customizable modular version will be launched at this event and it will represent a huge leap forward in multi-touch technology.”

SmithsonMartin is a pioneer in the world of electronic products for DJs with their innovative product the Emulator. A transparent touch screen that allows DJ’s and their fans to interact by creating an opportunity for fans to see exactly what the DJ is doing during the entire performance.

SmithsonMartin’s proprietary technology allows anyone to turn a Tablet PC into a powerful Musical Instrument Digital Interface controller. The Emulator enables the user to control a variety of digital DJ programs such as Traktor, Serato, Ableton and Virtual DJ on a large, transparent touch screen.
Over three days fans will get a chance to see artists such as Morgan Page, Filo & Peri, Tocadisco, Jay Frog, Katnip, Alan Smithson, Deko-Ze and Adam K use the Emulator in their performance to create a unique relationship with their fans.

For more video footage visit SmithsonMartin on Youtube.

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