Startup Canada Launches 1000 Startups

JULY 16 2013 (OTTAWA) – Today Startup Canada unveiled the beta website for its new campaign to profile 1000 Canadian entrepreneurs. 1000 Startups is an easy-to-search website built by Startup Canada’s volunteer team to cast a spotlight on Canadian entrepreneurs. In addition to sharing stories and advice, this new platform leverages Startup Canada’s network of more than 55,000… Continue reading Startup Canada Launches 1000 Startups

Is An MBA Necessary For Entrepreneurs?

By: Shamini Sellvaratnam For many years, entrepreneurs have questioned the value of an MBA; often forgoing higher education in favour of starting a business. However, as Harvard noted, with 50 percent of their MBA graduates now becoming entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners alike are starting to see the value of an MBA as as more than a chance… Continue reading Is An MBA Necessary For Entrepreneurs?

SmithsonMartin Inc.

SmithsonMartin creates DJ technology of the future Running from August 26th to the 28th the Emulator Festival, Sponsored by SmithsonMartin Inc, is set to be the premier North American event for Techno and House music. Emulator Festival will be the first time in the world that SmithsonMartin’s new, fully customizable, version of the Emulator will be used. According to… Continue reading SmithsonMartin Inc.