R&D Funding for Collaborative projects with Colleges: Part I

By Sarah O’Neill

NSERC’s College and Community Innovation Program, is supporting new projects working with businesses on a range of applied research—from clean energy technologies to healthcare tools for professionals.

The new partnerships between colleges and business help create and promote a wide range of leading-edge technologies, and help transfer innovation into the marketplace.  Funding is supplied through three types of Applied Research and Development (ARD) grants. The smallest grants, valued at up to $25,000, will be geared to short-term projects of up to six months. For projects lasting one to three years, two other ARD awards will be available, both of which require cash or in-kind contributions from partners. For medium-sized grants of up to $75,000, partners contribute a third of project costs in cash/in-kind; and for large grants exceeding $75,000, partners are required to contribute half of the project costs in cash/in-kind.

ARD grants can be across the spectrum of natural and social sciences, engineering, humanities and/or health. The funds can be spent on a variety of expenditures such as equipment, overhead, faculty release costs, and salaries for students. To leverage college research expertise in your area, or learn more about the program contact the NSERC Ontario Regional Office at 905-403-0924.

Sarah O’Neill is the Communications and Promotions Officer at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s Ontario regional office.  Sarah can connect you with the information you need to know regarding NSERC’s partnership opportunities.

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