Radi Hindawi

Radi Hindawi is a Digital Enterprise Specialist graduate from the University of Toronto’s Communications, Culture and Information Technology program. Radi has leveraged his academic background and professional experiences in web development, online communications and digital marketing to found a digital media company and manage a successfully growing blog. For more information, please visit www.radihindawi.com Click here… Continue reading Radi Hindawi

James Burchill

James Burchill shows individuals and companies how to profit from the innovative use of Internet technologies, strategic content and social media marketing. James’ innovative and creative solutions are the select choice for those seeking an advantage, and Jim’s valuable money making, marketing, technology and business advice is published regularly on his website. You can find… Continue reading James Burchill

Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis is the President of Techvibes Media and Editor in Chief of Techvibes.com.  His diverse background includes stints with International Trade Finance, Web Development, and Enterprise Software and he is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Simon Fraser University.

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell – Andrew started his career working for two technology multinationals, in Europe and North America. Attracted by the lure of an entrepreneurial activity, he joined an environmental company where he cofounded an environmental technology business.  His entrepreneurial experience, proved invaluable in helping him develop several start-ups including: wireless, medical device and web companies.… Continue reading Andrew Maxwell

Jeff Bowman

Jeff Bowman, of   The Marketing Pad, provides high quality business coaching, planning, training and speaking in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Research, Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, Conflict  Management and limiting stress in the workplace. http://marketingpad.wordpress.com/ /  www.themarketingpad.com / Twitter @padtitude Click here for a list of blogs by Jeff.

Stephen Rhodes

Stephen Rhodes is President of The Marketing PAD, a full-service marketing company that provides strategic communications and marketing, sales management and leadership development as well as creative services to small and medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations. Prior to creating The Marketing PAD with partners Jeff Bowman and Khaled Iwamura, Stephen worked for 30 years in… Continue reading Stephen Rhodes

Dev Basu

Dev Basu is a Toronto based Search Engine Optimization, Local Search, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Expert. Dev is the founder and CEO of Powered by Search, an internet marketing agency based in Toronto. Dev heads up Powered by Search’s SEO & Social Media operations and focuses on educating enterprise and SMB clients on the… Continue reading Dev Basu

Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas is the Associate Editor of Techvibes Media. He is also the Web Editor of The Other Press, a weekly newspaper, and a regular columnist for them as well. Based out of Vancouver, on B.C.’s beautiful West Coast, Knowlton spends his spare time freelance writing and editing, and has been published in national publications such… Continue reading Knowlton Thomas

Sarah O’Neill

Sarah O’Neill – Sarah is the Communications and Promotions Officer at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s Ontario regional office. The Ontario office acts as source of knowledge and expertise about research and innovation across the region. Sarah can connect you with the information you need to know regarding NSERC’s partnership opportunities. Click here… Continue reading Sarah O’Neill

Sandeep Sehgal

Sandy is completing an Honours Bachelor of Science degree at University of Toronto Mississauga. She is currently utilizing her skills and knowledge of biotechnology issues as a bio-business intern at the Altitude Accelerator. Upon graduation, she hopes to seek opportunities in R&D for a pharmaceutical company. Click here for a list of blogs by Sandy.