39eee751af30032eeece2f48de2de4ba_LPowerWatch’s SmartGrid Technology Reduces Energy Consumption

PowerWatch is a Canadian company that has developed and manufactured a simple, but powerful energy conservation system. This system monitors and displays electricity consumption and cost in real-time for both commercial and residential consumers.

The PowerWatch system relies on SmartGrid, a touch-screen display device that allows consumers to track their energy usage and costs. The screen is easy to install in existing homes as well as new homes under construction and can be prominently displayed as a reminder to shut off lights or appliances not being used.

The primary goal of PowerWatch is to reduce peak demand in electricity in residential homes and businesses by changing consumer behavioral patterns. According to independent studies, having a real-time view of energy consumption leads to a 10-20 percent reduction in usage, which is equivalent to one month of electricity every five months. If consumers are aware of how their energy dollars are being spent, they are more likely to cut down on electricity use.

“We feel this [technology] is the future of energy conservation,” says Michael Low, Director of Public Relations at PowerWatch. “People must learn to conserve throughbehavioral change.”

The company has recently launched its energy monitoring system overseas in India in the hopes of building an electricity conservation culture. They plan on expanding into markets in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Brazil as well.

PowerWatch has stated their gratitude towards the Altitude Accelerator for helping them start up the company. Their team looks forward to future collaborations with the Altitude Accelerator.

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