Paperwork No Longer A Pet Peeve For Veterinarians

By: Sandra Desrochers Veterinarians can rejoice. A new veterinary software application is revolutionizing the way veterinarians take care of their in-patients. While working in various veterinary clinics for 10 years and enduring long hours of emergency shifts, inventor and emergency veterinarian Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov (aka Dr. Zak) recognized the challenges that come with managing patients… Continue reading Paperwork No Longer A Pet Peeve For Veterinarians

ARTEX Environmental Reduces Costs While Diverting Ontario’s E-Waste

ARTEX Environmental Corporation is a privately owned Canadian electronic waste recycling company located in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone in Toronto and a long standing client of the Altitude Accelerator. The following is a  feature on ARTEX’s 44,000 square foot E-waste recycling facility published in the GTAA Partners in Project Green’s February 2012 newsletter. ARTEX specializes in… Continue reading ARTEX Environmental Reduces Costs While Diverting Ontario’s E-Waste


A Canadian Clean Technology company; the first in the world to employ waste heat recovery in the transportation sector EnerMotion has successfully designed a fully functional auxiliary power unit (APU) called the HYPER (hybrid power and energy recovery) for heavy trucks powered by waste exhaust heat from a vehicle’s engine. The HYPER is capable of… Continue reading EnerMotion

Shimifrez Inc.’s PCM Technology Promises To Gain Market Share

Shimifrez, a long standing client of the Altitude Accelerator, is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable Photo Chemical Etching services in Canada and internationally. Photochemical machining (PCM), also known as photo-etching, photo fabrication or photochemical milling, is a non-traditional micro fabrication/manufacturing method based on the combination of photo-resist imaging and chemical etching. Their… Continue reading Shimifrez Inc.’s PCM Technology Promises To Gain Market Share

Emcara Providing Innovative Safety Solutions

By Sandra Desrochers NOVEMBER 21, 2013 Having spent several years in the natural gas and hydrogen storage industry, Erick Girouard couldn’t help but notice insufficient solutions for growing safety requirements. And, he was determined to do something about it. Girouard founded his company, Emcara, to design and manufacture innovative safety solutions for natural gas and hydrogen… Continue reading Emcara Providing Innovative Safety Solutions

MetaFLO Technologies

MetaFLO is a Top Innovator in Industrial Waste Solutions MetaFLO Technologies Inc. develops leading edge treatment processes that address the liquid waste management needs of a broad range of industrial markets. Their cost-effective, environmentally positive technology helps transform liquid waste into a solid manageable form. Although the company was initially launched in 2003, it was… Continue reading MetaFLO Technologies


PowerWatch’s SmartGrid Technology Reduces Energy Consumption PowerWatch is a Canadian company that has developed and manufactured a simple, but powerful energy conservation system. This system monitors and displays electricity consumption and cost in real-time for both commercial and residential consumers. The PowerWatch system relies on SmartGrid, a touch-screen display device that allows consumers to track… Continue reading PowerWatch


ThoughtSpeed™ automates supply chain Mississauga – based ThoughtSpeed™ eCommerce solves complex supply chain problems through the automation of inefficient processes with integrated online solutions that provide savings while enabling seamless collaboration between customers and suppliers, distribution partners,and logistic providers. 2009 was a breakthrough year in product development and deployment with the successful launch of the… Continue reading ThoughtSpeed

Bio-Organic Catalyst of Canada

BOCC creates energy from organic waste The Bio-Organic Catalyst of Canada (BOCC) was established in 2007 by Peter Sirek and Jennifer Fraser in order to provide advanced solutions for energy conservation and renewable energy improvements in waste water. Their aim was to reduce both operating costs and the environmental footprint from waste processing. The BOCC… Continue reading Bio-Organic Catalyst of Canada

dx2 technologies

dx2 technologies uses wireless technology to help people monitor, adapt and automate their energy use in order to reduce their carbon footprint. dx2′s suite of web-based software and hardware products allows consumers to connect their devices through the internet and so that they can monitor and control their energy management. This is an extremely helpful… Continue reading dx2 technologies