c99e3db826c0f4cc2688a36ce3b60e1a_LNIMTech introduces the SonicGauge™

NIMTech Inc. is an award-winning Canadian cleanTech company that designs applications for the renewables and petrochemical industries in hopes of solving significant observably and process control challenges.

The company has developed a proprietary measurement technology that uses ultrasonics to provide a new level of non-invasive, real time, product analysis. This technology, called SonicGauge™, can non-invasively see through a pipeline or container and track the “chemical fingerprint” (either solid, liquid or gas) of substances and process changes in their composition in real time.

NIMTech’s innovative technology has helped to solve the problems faced by manufactures when they try to obtain real time measurements of product and process characteristics. Other measurement devices available on the market are either invasive or offline, which leads to out-of-spec production. This increases a manufacturer’s costs, waste, liability and risks of production.

SonicGauge™ builds on +$2.0M in prior R&D and demonstration investment in NIMTech’s core ultrasonic technology platform that has been validated in Europe and Canada. By seeing stuff inside pipes without drilling, SonicGauge™ has enabled Smart Factories by “tuning” industrial processes, bringing considerable efficiencies and increased profitability.

During its start up stage, NIMTech turned to the Altitude Accelerator for information and support. The company is now entering its commercialisation phase with the aim of increasing operational efficiencies and product quality control. NIMTech hopes to expand their SonicGauge™ technology into multiple industries, including oil & gas, biofuels and chemical manufacturing.

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