Isobarex Corp.


Isobarex develops instruments to detect isotope tracers

Established in 2008, Isobarex Corp. develops innovative analytical instruments to detect isotope tracers. These tracers are used in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new drugs, and in the nuclear industry to improve the safety and security of public and industry workers. Measuring isotopes tracers with high accuracy involves a complicated process requiring multi-million dollar measuring devices operated by highly specialized personnel.

Advancements in isotope detection technology have been fairly limited for the last 30 years. As a result, Isobarex has tried to find innovative ways of measuring biomedical and nuclear tracers.

Their first product, the ISA incorporates ground-breaking technologies that have made it possible to develop compact and affordable analyzers that will meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and nuclear industry.

The Isorbarex Corp has helped improve the detection of isotope tracers by:

  • Dramatically improving the performance of existing measuring systems and expanding the scope of their application to include new nuclear and biomedical tracers.
  • Simplifying sample preparation and reducing the needs for very large and expensive instruments, saving time and money and improving confidence in results.
  • Opening the way to the development of fast, small and affordable analyzers that can be used directly by end users in the pharmaceutical and nuclear industry.

Their team incorporates decades of experience in the development of advanced scientific instrumentation, from concept to commercialization, and has a vast knowledge of the isotope tracer market.

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