fa55c8bad0e242eb7986dc1135b50adb_MIntronix Technologies Inc. is an innovative Canadian life science company that designs and produces progressive electromyographic (EMG) systems for applications in the diagnosis and management of myofascial pain, spasticity, and fibromyalgia. Their injection guidance provide technology that drives clinical solutions to deliver confidence, improve workflow efficiency, and provide a better patient experience. Intronix Technologies is known for its exceptional equipment and comprehensive customer-support programs that are developed to maximize the lifecycle value of equipment through responsive service maintenance and significant software support.

The company has developed the Myoguide™ system which detects critical information about the tissues targeted for injection. It then provides instant reporting that increases the odds for successful, accurately measured injections, thus helping minimize mistakes, inaccurate dosages and potential side effects.

Small and portable, the handheld package can be easily transported, plus it’s easy to use. Key features include the ability to see and hear EMG signals, display real-time analyzed EMG, and determine stimulation-location capability. This provides both the quantitative and qualitative feedback necessary for clinicians to make decisions about treatment, specifically injecting neuromodulators such as Botox® and Dysport® for the management of pain, movement disorders, spastic muscle management and cosmetic applications.

“The Myoguide™ system has already been in clinical use both in Europe and Canada,” says Dr. Evan Friedman, president of Intronix Technologies. “But we’ve just now received our long-awaited 510(k) clearance to market from the FDA, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s thrilling to officially launch this technology in the U.S. because it’s a highly significant, very needed tool for ensuring best practices within our industry. With Myoguide, administering injections is now safer, more efficient and more effective than ever.”

During its start up stage, Intronix turned to the Altitude Accelerator for information and support. The company is now entering its commercialisation phase with the aim of increasing operational efficiencies and product quality control. Intronix hopes to make their MyoGuide™ technology a must-have tool for any professional who administers these very specific types of injections.

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