dx2 technologies

36fdb1a35cd2f54f95cf2119fb5bc7ed_Mdx2 technologies uses wireless technology to help people monitor, adapt and automate their energy use in order to reduce their carbon footprint. dx2′s suite of web-based software and hardware products allows consumers to connect their devices through the internet and so that they can monitor and control their energy management.

This is an extremely helpful technology for Ontarians, considering increased concerns about environment preservation and the move towards paying time-of-use for electricity.

The company has already had some success with its product at the Toronto Region Conservation (TRCA) Authority, where their systems can be seen at one of North America’s most advanced homes demonstrating ‘sustainable building technologies’ built by TRCA (sustainablehouse.com).

“dx2’s technology will allow customers to communicate via the web to devices and systems within their businesses or home to view energy use and cost and control specific devices to take advantage of time-of-use electricity pricing,” says dx2 CEO Donato Martone. dx2 was recently awarded a key contract to supply their technology to Honeywell for use at a local hospital to monitor solar panel energy production. “We are very excited about this opportunity working with world-class organizations.”

They have also mentioned their gratitude towards the RIC centre and their Entrepreneur in Residence, David Pasieka for invaluable networking and business guidance.

RIC has provided “tremendous value for our company through its extensive networks and the professional advice we have received in the areas of business planning and marketing. It’s a great resource for businesses looking to commercialize innovation,” says Martone.

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