ConsidraCare is putting the care back in caregiving in the GTA


ConsidraCare was birthed out of a simple yet profound question, “when did we lose the “care” in caregiving?”. Being more of a statement than a question, it dawned on company founders, Saba Tauseef and Tauseef Riaz that there was a loss of touch in the senior caregiving sector. The negligence and lack of humanity towards seniors, the disabled and the ill in the GTA moved the hearts of the couple to find a solution that would address this problem. The couple simply could not standby seeing people at their most valuable being treated as less than human, taken advantage of, neglected and abused by the corporations and systems set up to protect them. ConsidraCare aims to pioneer the building of a global platform to make aging in place better and more affordable for seniors, restoring their dignity and ultimately improving their quality of life, even in old age.

Hailing from Pakistan, the couple relocated to Canada in 2015 following Saba’s completion of her Master of Public Health at the University of London. In spite of her qualifications and experiences as a licensed, practicing physician, she faced a plethora of challenges in terms of entering into full-time practice in the state. In a bid to remain as close to the healthcare industry as possible, Saba became a franchisee for Home Watch Caregivers, a senior homecare service company based in Mississauga into 2021. Simultaneously, due to the challenges of practicing as a physician in Canada, Saba worked as a telehealth physician through a Pakistan-based platform, servicing patients in rural areas of Pakistan. During the same period, Saba experienced firsthand the needs of senior caregiving, tending to her father who was in a battle with cancer. Through these experiences, and partly fueled by the passing of her father,  Saba and Tauseef joined forces in late 2021 to launch ConsidraCare and begin making a tangible change in the senior homecare sector, one family at a time.

Tauseef Riaz
Saba Tauseef

ConsidraCare has a simple yet clear vision – to put care back in caregiving. This is the baseline of what the firm believes and stands by, to safeguard their clientele and change the narrative around caregiving in Canada. Today, ConsidraCare has grown to a team of 10 with a network of caregivers. ConsidraCare prides itself in being able to provide the opportunity for new immigrants in the healthcare field to gain valuable experience that may position them for new opportunities in the future. Having worked as the Chief Digital Officer and with a background in engineering, Tauseef emphasizes how the firm aims to push the boundaries of what is possible in the senior caregiving sector through technological development and innovation.

The company is wholly dedicated to offering cost-effective, high-quality in-home long-term care, surpassing the standards of assisted living facilities, with a commitment to inclusivity for service providers and peace of mind for families. The goal is to simplify the process for families by equipping them and their caregivers with technology resources for connectivity and transparency in caregiving. This is accomplished through prioritizing the maintenance of a professional and respectful care environment within the homes of their clients. At ConsidraCare, they remain actively engaged in care delivery and consistently support families, allowing them to prioritize their loved ones’ well-being rather than the administrative aspects of their care.

Learn more about ConsidraCare’s story here and connect with founders, Saba or Tauseef through LinkedIn.

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