Zero Waste Filters from CHAR Technologies Turn Biogas into Clean Energy

By: Susan Vecera

SulfacharThe need for energy has never been higher nor has public demand for clean and renewable energy been so loud. Biogas is a plentiful renewable energy that can be used to generate power. It is created when organic matter, like waste in landfill sites, decomposes and releases gases including methane and hydrogen sulfide. Energy comes from the methane, but the hydrogen sulfide is toxic and needs to be removed so the biogas is usable.

SulfaCHAR is a patented process from CHAR Technologies that scrubs the hydrogen sulfide from biogas, much like a water filter cleans tap water. SulfaCHAR differs from similar products because while absorbing the hydrogen sulfide it converts it into a useful by-product. Once the used filters are reprocessed they become soil amendment products and fertilizer; therefore making SulfaCHAR a zero waste product.

Since launching full-time in 2012, CHAR Technologies innovative product has taken the biogas industry by storm. The demand for product is so great that CHAR Technologies is currently working to finalize funding to build a small-scale production system that will increase production. Once this system is in place, CHAR Technologies will be able to produce 1-tonne per day, which would be enough SulfaCHAR for 10 – 20 customers.

CHAR Technologies co-founder Andrew White came up with the idea for SulfaCHAR while completing his graduate studies in chemical engineering. White had the science acumen but limited business experience so he turned to the Altitude Accelerator for support and guidance.

CHAR Technologies was part of the first Altitude Accelerator Business Incubator Cohort in 2014, which White characterizes as a ‘great experience’. When asked what makes the Business Incubator special he said, “The atmosphere. It was amazing to work a place where there are other engaged entrepreneurs who motivate each other, commiserate about troubles and brainstorm how to overcome shared obstacles. That is not something that you experience when working independently and I 100% recommend it.”

The Altitude Accelerator is actively looking for innovative entrepreneurs to support and facilitate through its Business Incubator Program. If you are a business on the brink of launching to the next level of growth and in need of entrepreneurial support, apply by June 1, 2015 to be considered for the next Business Incubator Cohort. Your story might just become one of our next Success Stories.

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