White Paper Preferences of Tech Decision Makers

By Tedd Campbell

If you’re thinking about using white papers to market your B2B technology business but you’re not sure what buyers are looking for in a white paper, you should check out the results of a 2010 UBM TechWeb survey that delved into the content preferences of technology decision makers.

Just over a thousand people responded to the survey and the results were recently published here. (You’ll have to register to download a report.)

Here are some highlights of what the survey revealed about the white paper preferences of technology decision makers:

1. 65% read white papers to help them with their job.

2. Decision makers who read white papers claim to read them:

3. Decision makers who say they read white papers daily, weekly, or monthly:

Prefer white papers that are:

45% – 5 to 10 pages
29% – 5 pages or less

Are looking for:

75% – technical information
53% – technology news and analysis
52% – case studies
51% – industry research
46% – how-to information

Find white papers:

69% – on business/technology analyst websites
63% – on vendor websites
62% – through search engines
58% – via alerts or e-newsletters

View registration (prior to downloading a white paper) this way:

47% – prefer not to register
35% – will register, provided the content is very relevant
13% – frequently register
5% – never register

Had this kind of post-registration experience:

59% – received an e-mail from the vendor
53% – received an e-mail from the website where they downloaded the white paper
28% – received a phone call from a salesperson
17% – were not contacted

Have taken these actions after reading a white paper:

76% – shared it with a colleague
61% – visited the vendor’s website to learn more
42% – shared it with the boss
30% – contacted a vendor to learn more
28% – made a purchasing decision based on what they learned from it

Tedd Campbell is the founder and principal writer at C Worthy White Papers Inc. C Worthy develops world-class white papers for B2B technology companies and service firms that want to enhance their credibility, generate more sales leads, and serve their customers better.

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