Which of 4 Canadian Innovators’ pitches deserves the Grand Prize? This week, you decide

By: Mobolade Ekujumi

In 2 days, you will have a chance to shape the history of Canadian innovation. If you like TV shows like American Idol and Dragon’s Den, you will love Innovator Idol. Come take part in propelling innovation in the Peel region this Wednesday, June 13th at Innovator Idol where 4 different companies present their company pitch to an experienced investor panel for a chance to win $50,000. The winners are chosen by the audience.

Our 4 finalists are Emcara Gas Development, SMARTeacher, OpenAXYZ and CHAR Technologies.

Emcara Gas Development – Emcara is a start-up company with certified Pressure Release Devices (PRDs) for natural gas and hydrogen powered vehicles. PRDs are critical for the safety of passengers and drivers. In the event of a fire, the entire vehicle risks a catastrophic explosion due to the amount of fuel in it. Emcara’s PRDs provide faster, reliable, and more complex protection with cost savings up to 40% compared to a conventional PRD. Protected by existing and pending patents in North America and backed by strong margins, Emcara’s market could be worth $300 million in the US alone if the T.Boone Pickens energy plan is approved in the U.S.

SMARTeacher SMARTeacher is the first software game that uses biometrics like facial recognition to respond and adjust the gaming to children’s emotions – in real-time. The game responds by automatically tailoring questions and game-play mechanics to each student’s play. Having a good day? The game asks tougher questions. Having an off-day? The questions get easier. With this game, learning is personalized, frustration is reduced and kids can learn while having fun at the same time.

Openaxyz – Openaxyz (pronounced open-access) is a collaborative, enterprise-wide strategy mapping software. Openaxyz enables users to not only think about execution from the very beginning, but more importantly, to think about the results they must achieve. The openaxyz toolset can be securely accessed and enabled using the latest version of any leading browser, and on any platform – mobile, tablet, PC, and display panels – for multi-location collaboration. The openaxyz method and toolset were developed and applied at organizations such as the Deloitte iZone, Barclays, as well as the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

CHAR TechnologiesCHAR’s innovation is a technology called Activated Biochar, a filter which cleans biogas. It works pretty much the same way as a Brita filter that removes chlorine odour from tap water. CHAR tech provides a great solution to a by-product of methane gas – which is hydrogen sulphide, an extremely toxic and corrosive material. Not only does the activated Biochar filter out the Hydrogen Sulphide, it also reverts it to elemental sulphur. This sulphur can then be used as a beneficial soul fertilizer creating a second stream of revenue.

Doors at the Noel Ryan auditorium open at 7.30 AM. Come with an open mind, eager to learn and discover exciting new industry changers as your votes will be used to determine who wins the final prize. Breakfast will be served.


Innovator Idol is primarily sponsored by Bereskin & Parr Intellectual Property Law. Other sponsors include Indigo consulting, Ernst & YoungAdam Good Production, PeerPoint Consulting Group, KPMG Canada, VengeoAVEGAFirst Principles CommunicationBizTVBlade Creative Branding, MNP and Royal Bank of Canada.

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