Venture for Canada to Bring Canadian Graduates and Startups Together

Venture for Canada is a non-profit, 2-year Fellowship that recruits, trains and supports young graduates to work at Canadian startups and growth companies. Venture for Canada has received over 1,700 applications for 55 Fellowships for this year’s cohort. After a 4-stage interview process and a 5-week boot camp, Fellows are ready to work!

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Hiring Process

 VFC Fellows are matched with potential companies, based on preferences from both sides, as well as through VFC’s matchmaking process. Companies interview Fellows as they would any potential hire.

Guidelines for Partner Startups

 Point of Contact

Select one employee at the startup to be the main contact with Venture for Canada when a Fellow is hired. This position is typically given to a person who the Fellow reports to on a regular basis.

 Quarterly Evaluation

The designated point of contact fills out a quarterly feedback form on the Fellow’s job performance.

VFC Program

Fellows attend occasional VFC events, workshops, and mentorship meetings outside of office hours. There is also a 3-day checkin for Fellows, during next year’s boot camp in June 2017.


Partner startups are responsible for covering Fellow salaries. It is common to provide stock options as a form of compensation.


Support from Partner Employers ensures a sustainable future for Venture for Canada in order to continue to recruit, train and support young talent. Partner Startups that hire a Fellow, pay a $2,000 fee, after the Fellow’s probation, to help subsidize Venture for Canada’s program cost.

A Program Designed for Recent Graduates

 Join an amazing network 

Venture for Canada connects recent graduates with some of the top entrepreneurs and startups in the country, giving them an amazing learning experience and a valuable network that also includes other high performing entrepreneurially-minded Canadians.

Gain valuable skills

The best way to learn entrepreneurship is through hands-on experience, working for the top entrepreneurs in the country. We give Fellows the experience of helping to build successful companies at startups like Wattpad, 500px, Shopify, Vendeve and Eyeread.

Be an entrepreneur

At the end of a two-year fellowship, Fellows will have gained top-notch skills and a national network of entrepreneurs and investors — a great position to launch their own companies.

A Resource Designed for Canadian Startups

Save time and money

Venture for Canada connects you to the country’s best and brightest, recent graduates that are vetted by our network of entrepreneurs. During their two-year fellowship, we provide our Fellows with ongoing mentorship, coaching and training. Our process for partner startups is simple, respectful and will save you time and money on your recruitment and retention efforts.

Gain new skills, ideas and perspectives on your team

The best way to grow your startup and be more competitive is to bring on the right people. Our fellows are brilliant, eager to learn, solutions-oriented, and from different backgrounds with entrepreneurial thinking.

Nurture young entrepreneurs

After gaining top-notch skills and a national network of entrepreneurs and investors, Fellows are in a great position to launch their own startups — a personal reason for many of our partners.

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