Unlock Benefits of Fractional Talent for Your Startup’s Success with TalentFund

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Imagine having a Google Engineer, a Shopify Product Manager, or an Apple Designer shaping the success of your startup. TalentFund is a Fractional Advisory and Talent Marketplace that connects Canadian talent from industry giants, who are interested in working with startups on the side, in transition, or permanently, thus democratizing access to this talent, which was previously limited to expensive IT agencies and product studios.

Build better products and improve your outcomes while you have the option to compensate the talent in a combination of Cash / Equity. Additionally, TalentFund encourages organic conversion after the initial collaboration to a Co-founder or Full-time employee, and can also assist in hiring permanent staff.

Top Fractional Talent and Teams

In startups, fractional talent is particularly valuable in accelerating projects, filling expertise gaps, launching an MVP from scratch, building complete teams for non-technical founders, and providing strategic advice on development priorities.

Reach out to TalentFund if you’re currently seeking talent in the following areas:

  • Technical or Non-technical co-founder.
  • Targeted Advisory for specific problem-solving.
  • Fractional or Full-time CTO, CPO, CDO, or CMO.
  • Fractional or Full-time Engineer(s), AI Engineer, Product Manager, Designer, or Marketer.
  • Complete Product Development Team, including Engineer(s), Designer, Product Manager, and QA. 

Altitude Accelerator has partnered with TalentFund for the pilot program of their unique Talent as a Service (TaaS) model, which aims to bring the benefits of top fractional talent to our portfolio companies. 

In addition, all our portfolio companies can enjoy preferred pricing. Use referral code ‘Altitude Accelerator’ to get started at  tlnt.fund  or by filling out this  talent survey.

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