U.S. Embassy Ottawa and UP Global Offer a Startup Weekend

Ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur? What are the professional and personal challenges, the high and lows, the failures and the success?

If you think you have what it takes, we invite you to apply for a spot at U.S. Embassy Ottawa-sponsored Startup Weekend! You can network with established mentors and other participants for a weekend-long workshop to pitch ideas, form teams and learn the business of starting a business.

The U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, UpGlobal and the Imagine Space (a joint project of the U.S. Embassy and the Ottawa Public Library) are offering a Startup Weekend in Ottawa – June 13 – 15, 2014.

This special event will bring together young, aspiring entrepreneurs from across Canada with American and Canadian mentors, with the goal of empowering them and giving them access to technical knowledge and resources that can help them launch their business ideas toward becoming viable commercial enterprises.

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 800 events in 2013 in 100+ countries around the world. Startup Weekend organizers and facilitators can be found in over 300 cities around the world. From Mongolia to South Africa to London to Brazil, people around the globe are coming together for weekend long workshops to pitch ideas, form teams, and start companies.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekends culminate with presentations.

Apply for an opportunity to learn a new skill outside your routine, at an event where everyone is guaranteed to leave better prepared to navigate the chaotic but fun world of startups. If you want to put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, this could be the best weekend of your life!

Application Requirements: This Startup Weekend will be open to selected applicants only. There is no charge, and the US Embassy will fund travel, accommodation and meals for approximately 50 participants from across Canada at this Startup Weekend. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or Canadian residents (non-US citizens), between the ages of 18-30. We are seeking applicants with a strong interest in becoming an entrepreneur, preferably with a clearly defined area or idea for creating a new business. Business ideas must be “seed” stage only, i.e., not yet a business. We invite interested youth to apply using the link above. (Register Button) All applicants meeting the criteria will be considered and successful applicants will be notified by email. Deadline for applications is April 6, 2014.

Interested? More information here.

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