The Technology Evaluation Consortium (TEC)™

Opportunity for Technology and Service Providers

NEW-OMSIH-logo_02One Million Solutions in Health™ is pleased to provide the opportunity for technology and service providers in Life Sciences to apply for a free evaluation of their project by a knowledgeable consortium made up of industry leaders from some of the top biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the industry. This Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC)™ will select new and/or innovative technologies to evaluate for 2015. Applications close on February 27, 2015.

The Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC)™ brings together life science companies, academics and relevant government organizations, along with industry vendors and/or technology transfer opportunities, to evaluate and validate new technologies in a non-competitive environment. This collaborative model empowers technology providers and end-users to collectively assess a number of technologies in a cost-effective manner, producing a depth and breadth of results that no company can achieve alone.

How the Technology Evaluation Consortium Could Benefit You

Gain Knowledge from Industry’s Leaders

The TEC™ brings together industry leaders and solution providers who collaborate to address the challenges that are faced in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The ideas and solutions generated by the consortium often lead to more consistent standards in the industry, therefore increasing the likelihood of adoption of the products, as the technologies can be adjusted to fulfill the needs of these biopharmaceutical end-users.

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Benefit from the Cooperation of Experts

The experts in the consortium work simultaneously, on one specific challenge at a time, in order to provide you with the most effective and appropriate solution.

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Save Time and Money

You could directly benefit from working with multiple end-users from various organizations that we have in our consortium. Additionally, you can take advantage of the feedback that these organizations will give you, to fully understand the needs of the market, allowing you to maximize your chances of success.

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