The Next 36 is searching for smart, ambitious, and driven individuals

37d163b88a4522bd852de06260df3d98_LThe Next 36 is searching for smart, ambitious, and driven individuals that take risks, pursue opportunities, and solve problems. And most of all, young leaders that want to create big impact.

As a valuable member of the startup community, we hope you will share this news with your network and encourage exceptional students to apply. As always, your recommendations and referrals play an important role in helping us attract the strongest applicants possible. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support!

Who Are We Looking For?
We are looking for undergraduates and recent grads with an entrepreneurial track record and the potential to build something big. Our goal is to accelerate students’ individual growth so that they can become high impact entrepreneurs sooner and help grow Canada’s prosperity.

For more details, additional resources, and sharable content, please refer to this informative application guide.

Why Should Students Apply?
We provide young entrepreneurs with a multitude of resources, surround them with talented peers, and put forth challenge after challenge, with the expectation that they will fail often, learn quickly, and leave the program with dramatically increased expectations of what they can achieve.


Who’s Eligible?
The program is designed for Canadian undergraduate students currently enrolled in their final two years of study, or who have graduated within the past six months.

Click here to learn more about eligibility requirements.

The Program – What To Expect
Check out the program timeline for our 2015 cohort – including key application dates, our upcoming national campus tour, and cohort milestones.

Apply Early – Don’t Delay!
The best way to ensure a successful application is to apply well before the deadline. Have a question, or two? Don’t hesitate to reach

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