The Guide To Building A Successful And Collaborative Vendor Ecosystem

By: Shamini Sellvaratnam

 Interested in building and growing a local vendor ecosystem, but not sure where to start? In his article, Professor Walter Van Dyck, Partner and Associate Professor of Innovation Management at Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, recognizes that in order to create a collaborative innovation ecosystem, interdependent relations among all partners need to exist.  Below, Prof Van Dyck looks at three types of innovation ecosystems:

1. Technology-based Ecosystems

The focus here is on idea conversation and innovation adoption. In order to create an ecosystem that is of value to all partners, both suppliers and companies should collaborate to create a network that constantly promotes the fast adoption of innovation. By combining existing technologies between partners, both the network and industry will see an increase in innovation, leading to new market disruptions.

2. Science-based ecosystem

Players within a science-based ecosystem usually include research partnerships among  universities, small front-end players like biotech companies or design houses, large pharmaceutical or semiconductor companies.

In this ecosystem, partners work together to pool the resources necessary to take an idea from a small player within the industry and scale them to market.

3. Service-based ecosystem

In a service-based ecosystem, the goal is “solution adoption”. Industries that typically build this ecosystem include banks, consultancies, utilities and contract manufacturing, in which the ecosystems are built around the services they offer. Innovation within the service-based ecosystem is critical to help optimize assets such as manufacturing, or a service operation and a client base.

With the increasing need for businesses  to access, build and grow collaborative vendor networks, Silicon Peel and the Altitude Accelerator will be hosting the 6th Silicon Peel Meetup on  Technology Innovation “Leveraging Vendor Ecosystems.” This free event held at Microsoft Canada’s head office on June 20th, will provide businesses with information on the resources necessary to build and grow a collaborative and innovative partner network within the Peel region.  Register today to find out how you can leverage and contact the various vendors that are right here in Peel.

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