The Future is Now: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Businesses

By: Areej Shah

“Robots Could Put Humans Out of Work by 2045.” Moshe Vardi, Computer Science Professor at Rice University.

Within the field of robotics, technology has been advancing in such a fast pace that robots will soon possess the ability to sense, think and act on their own discretion. Intelligent machines with superior thinking abilities will soon have the ability to command and run processes, thus reducing dependency on labour. Within the manufacturing industry, one objective is in cutting costs while retaining the ability to produce high quality products. With advances in artificial intelligence, companies have been able to save billions in equipment setup and assembly line configuration costs. According to an article by David Bourne, Dawson Haggerty, a Carnegie Mellon engineer built a frame in 10 hours for $1,150 with his robotic partner while the same frame took 89 hours and cost $7,075 when made by manufacturing experts.

Rethink Robotics
produced America’s first adaptive manufacturing robot, Baxter, a unique machine that exhibits behavior based on common sense. Baxter is easy to afford, requires no programming and is capable of working collaboratively with humans to perform tasks in industrial processes. As more companies switch to smarter production, Baxters are being produced for sale at a pace of 500+ units.

Considering the future of artificial intelligence, one can clearly expect the unexpected. Scientists are moving towards the unexplored domain by incorporating emotions in machines. The bio mimetic control research centre of RIKEN is working on the world’s first soft human interactive robot RIMAN which will revolutionize the nature of human care. Additionally, developers have designed a friendly personal smartphone robot, Romo that can be programmed for diverse uses. This robot just requires a mobile platform and uses a smartphone as the brain. It is mainly used as a learning tool for kids and can be controlled through an application from any corner of the world.

The age of artificial intelligence has just commenced and it has a long way to go. Countless startups with great ideas can spring from this area of innovation. If you are interested in learning more about this field, register for Altitude Accelerator’s: Growing you business seminar on Disruptive Technologies: Robotics, A.I and M2M. The seminar is scheduled to take place at Xerox Research Centre of Canada, 2660 Speakman Drive, Mississauga, ON, on September 25, 2013 7:30am – 11:00am EDT.

Areej recently graduated from University of Toronto Mississauga with a specialist degree in Business Administration. She shares her passion for social media marketing by serving as the Communications Intern for Altitude Accelerator. Areej aspires to launch a successful career in the emerging field of business technology management.


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