The Fragile Community: How Do Businesses Rebuild

About the episode:

Since the prosperity of Web 2 and social media platforms, Twitter has become a place for people to connect with others and to build communities together. However, Elon Musk interfered the operation of Twitter significantly and impactfully, leading to the communities on Twitter being more fragile than ever. In this episode, our host, Hessie Jones, invited Mia Shah-Dand and Alaric Aloor to discuss what is the most critical challenge and how businesses rebuild.

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Key takeaways:

    • More than 10 years ago, Twitter brought users in by allowing them to “microblog” and build micro communities. But the problem is: Using the platform is like renting a space in another’s world, and you have no control over it.
    • Twitter is an international platform for activists building a community for good. However, recent layoffs and management failures almost destroyed the ecosystem. The reason is simple: The institutional knowledge owned by former employees is irreplaceable, and Twitter is not going to be operated normally with a small number of tech people.
    • The immobility of the platforms like Twitter also causes communities to be fragile. They made the platform easy to use to foster massive adoption, which makes businesses hard to leave. The platforms also have tricky policies and the superior power to shut down any accounts.
    • Mastodon is an alternative way to build communities – but it very different from Twitter. Mastodon is decentralized and open source, and it helps users to meet other people that are in the same space in an organic way.
    • Focusing more on building protocols that allow people to communicate freely is more important than focusing on platforms. This is a good opportunity to reset and take back control. If you are running a business – you need to own the relationship with your customer.
Watch the whole discussion to learn more about how the communities is destroyed and what the solutions can be.

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