TalentEdge Internship Program

ocelogoOntario’s TalentEdge Internship Program (TIP) provides support for current college and university students (specifically current graduate students and final year undergraduate students), and recent Masters graduates, to work on collaborative industry-driven research and development projects. PhD graduates and post-doctoral fellows (PDFs) must apply through the TalentEdge Fellowship Program. The TalentEdge Internship Program is open to students and recent graduates from across all disciplines, including non-STEM disciplines, and all areas of specialization.

TalentEdge internships are intended to provide interns with an experiential learning opportunity and hands-on industry experience. All internships must be project-based and must have a clearly-defined R&D component, where R&D is defined by the discipline and is inclusive of non-STEM disciplines.

Interns are required to spend a portion of their time on-site or in the field with an industry partner. The amount of time spent with the industry partner, as well as the most appropriate location for the interaction, should be mutually determined and depend on the nature and needs of the project.

Each four-month internship unit is valued at $20,000 as follows:

  • $10,000 contribution from OCE
  • $5,000 industry partner cash contribution
  • $5,000 industry partner in-kind contribution

The TalentEdge Internship Program is not open to students currently enrolled in a co-op program, or for equivalent co-op placement programs.

The TalentEdge Internship Program does not support past or existing employees (including consultants, contract position).

TalentEdge internships are not intended to be “first job”-type placements; all internships must be based on a defined R&D project that is executed within the time frame of the internship.

How to Apply

Undergraduate level:

To apply to the TalentEdge Internship Program, please contact your local Business Development Manager or the Application Support Team (application-support@oce-ontario.org) who will assist you in developing your application.

It is anticipated that all 50 TalentEdge internships for final year undergraduates will be awarded by Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Results will be announced in approximately four weeks after receiving the signed agreement from the project participants.

Graduate level:

To apply to the TalentEdge Internship Program, please contact your local Business Development Manager or the Application Support Team (application-support@oce-ontario.org) who will assist you in developing your application.

Applications to the graduate level internships may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed throughout the year.

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