Listen to your Constituents

By Ken Sweeney After watching President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last week it reminded me of an important lesson in life and in business….always listen to your constituents! Whether it is your wife, your children, employees, customers or suppliers, it is important to listen and take their opinions into consideration. This time… Continue reading Listen to your Constituents

The Imperative for non-inventor CEOs

By Hari Venkatacharya Why are we not better in Canada at producing successful, global companies? Our track record to date has been spotty at best. While governments have invested billions in basic research, only about 20% of this amount is invested in the commercialization of these technologies. In addition, there is a dearth of experienced… Continue reading The Imperative for non-inventor CEOs

M&Ms critical to success

By David Pasieka M&M’s are critical to a company’s success and I don’t mean the plain or peanut kind! Measurement & Management Dashboards are important tools for building sustainable success. A couple of months ago Terry Matthews – a great Canadian icon was speaking at a MaRS event about his success model for start-up organizations.… Continue reading M&Ms critical to success