Social Business Now Conference – November 27th

This one-day event will provide you with information on best practices in social media marketing for your business. Learn from the experts.  Hear real-life examples from entrepreneurs successfully using social media tools to drive their business. Walk away with strategies, tips and tools you can use. Whether you are new to social media or have started… Continue reading Social Business Now Conference – November 27th

DUBGEAR: Redefining Portable Music

By: Kristie Robertson Have you ever been sitting around a campfire during an awkward moment of silence and wished that you could have music playing out of your beer koozie? Yes? No? Well, Jansen White, father of two young, active sons and CEO of DUBGEAR, has.  DUBGEAR designs and makes high quality portable audio products… Continue reading DUBGEAR: Redefining Portable Music

Sarcasm and other things face to face

By Stephen Rhodes I’ve discovered sarcasm doesn’t always play well in email, or on Twitter. It’s a waste of time in a text message. Duh!!!! works but it doesn’t really have much depth. To really express my true feelings I have to be face to face with someone and that seems to happen less and… Continue reading Sarcasm and other things face to face