SunWash Harnesses the Power of Light

By Sandra Desrochers

When you sit down to a meal, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you might be eating contaminated food.  At developed countries’ food processing facilities, intricate standards are followed to avoid health hazards, but what if we could improve cleaning practices; safely and efficiently maintain sanitary conditions; and cut down on labour. And, imagine doing this with a flick of a light switch.

Dan Jenken and Patrick Therrien, the co-founders of SunWash Technologies, have come up with a self-cleaning surface coating that does just that.  They have developed a material which uses the power of light to degrade any organic pollutants that come into contact with the surface of everyday plastic materials.

Jenken’s experience in the coating manufacturing and application business, and Therrien’s business development work with science and engineering technologies provided them with a solid foundation to develop a photocatalytic, self-cleaning polymer. But, starting their own business meant venturing into some unfamiliar territory.

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