Strategic Procurement and Innovation: Opportunities for Improving Canada’s Health Care Systems


Wednesday May 20 – Thursday May 21 2015 Old Mill Toronto Toronto,Ontario

There is increasing national and international attention being paid to the role that government and health care organizations play as a supply-side instrument in pulling cost-effective innovation into health care systems and other areas. Despite this growing awareness, there is limited understanding of the potential innovation in procurement has to produce tangible benefits.

The Conference Board of Canada will be holding a full-day workshop on May 20th and a one-day conference on May 21st that will help you foster your understanding of strategic procurement and innovation and position you to benefit from the opportunities.


The sustainability of Canada’s public health care system will depend in large part on innovations that can enhance the efficiency, safety, quality, and productivity of health and health care services.

Every year, the Canadian government spends billions of public dollars on products and services. If used appropriately, this purchasing power could boost innovations in the health care sector to improve system performance. Experiences in other countries suggest that Canada has a compelling opportunity to accelerate the development and adoption of innovation in public health care by transforming its procurement processes.

Innovation procurement is a major policy initiative that is garnering attention domestically and around the world.

Stakeholders want to learn more about new products and services that can be purchased to make health care systems more efficient and cost-effective while giving patients the best in care. There is also a strong desire to better understand the shift that is taking place within the field of innovation procurement toward purchasing solutions and outcomes.

Procurement can be one of the most powerful resources available to hospitals and other health care venues to help manage their limited resources.

Governments increasingly recognize that the introduction of new technologies into health care systems does not have to weigh down the bottom line. Through strategic implementation and best practices, innovation procurement can improve quality, safety, and outcomes without driving up costs.

This conference will tap into the conversations that are taking place within and between provinces and the federal government in order to explore the plans for modifying the rules of public procurement to allow for more scope for innovation. It will also bring attention to national and international trends and experience with the most innovation-friendly approaches.

As a participant, you will come away with a sense of what the opportunities are and how you can embrace evolving procurement practices that can result in better patient outcomes and an enhanced bottom-line.

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