Build a Winning Application for the SDTC’s Sustainable Development Tech Fund

How to Build a Winning Application

Statement of Interest (SOI) Workshops will provide prospective applicants with key information and practical guidance to prepare a quality SOI submission.

During the workshop, the SDTC Applications team will present an overview of SDTC funding mandate, which includes the development and demonstration of new Canadian clean technology innovations that address issues of climate change, clean air, clean water, water conservation and soil quality.

The session will enable prospective applicants to assess the potential fit of their technology with SDTC’s SD Tech Fund, and to gain an understanding of the application process and key evaluation criteria.

Workshop topics include:

Stage of technology development – when to submit

  • Pre-commercial (beyond proof of concept and prior to commercialization)

Building the project – why the consortium approach

  • Consortium may include key links in the value chain for the technology, such as potential end users, researchers, manufacturers, demonstration hosts

An SDTC project – how to scope and structure

  • Eligible vs non-eligible project costs

Project evaluation criteria

  • Technology innovation and stage of technology development
  • Consortium partners
  • Market pull
  • Incremental environmental benefits

The environmental impacts of your technology – how to quantify

  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • Cleaner air
  • Cleaner water
  • Water conservation
  • Cleaner soil

The funding process – 3 phases

    • Phase 1

Statement of Interest submission

    • Phase 2

Detailed proposal (for short-listed SOI applicants)

  • Project Contracting

Common SOI Mistakes

Who should attend?

  • Clean technology developers / entrepreneurs
  • Researchers at the pre-commercial stage past the prototype
  • Potential end-user / customer
  • Universities with IP Innovation to commercialization
  • Accelerators and Incubators
  • Strategic supplier/consultants
  • Investors

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