Startups Transformed Podcast Trailer – Altitude Accelerator’s New Podcast

Startups Transformed Podcast Artwork
Startups Transformed is a bi-weekly podcast that explores how tech startups have climbed their way to success. Host and Altitude Accelerator board member Patrick McGuire interviews entrepreneurs and business leaders on lessons learned so that you can get a head start on your next big idea. Patrick is a creative entrepreneur and team leader who has focused on the sales and success of companies including: HR tech, fintech, sports tech, Software-as-a-Service, cannabis (CBD / THC), nutrition, health and wellness, fitness corporations, and business of all sizes with a love for helping business grow and scale from $500k to north of $50m. With an entrepreneurial mindset focused on team-building, his ethical leadership delivers win-win solutions for his companies and clients. “I am passionate about helping others. I was inspired to host the Startups Transformed podcast to tell the stories of our amazing Altitude Accelerator entrepreneurs, to share their struggles and successes and inspire future entrepreneurs to go after their dreams, and consider joining our successful startup tribes,” explained podcast host, Patrick McGuire.  Listen to our trailer to get a full glimpse into what you can expect from the Startups Transformed podcast for the rest of the year and keep your eyes on our page for the release of each episode.

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Patrick McGuire: Welcome to the Startups Transformed Podcast. I’m Patrick McGuire, your host, board member and advisor at Altitude Accelerator, where we help startups scale to new heights. We chat with phenomenal tech business leaders who’ve climbed their way to success within their industry. Our guests delve deep into the lessons they’ve learned along the way, so that you can get a head start on your next big idea.  


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