Building Bonds: Innovation4D Hosts Chemistry Networking Night

Original article written by Laura Reyes, Chemical Institute of Canada
Published article adapted by Altitude Accelerator 

On March 6, 2018, Xerox Canada, GreenCentre Canada and the Altitude Accelerator hosted a networking night for students and professionals in the chemical science and electronics industries. Collectively, the three companies are known as ‘Innovation4D, and work together to bring startups within the materials technology space to market.

Andrew Pasternak (GreenCentre Director of Commercialization and Business Development), Matt Heuft (XRCC Business Development Manager), and Pam Banks (Altitude Accelerator Executive Director) talk about how their organizations can help startups accelerate their materials technologies even further.

Attendees were treated to a facility tour of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. The first stop was the Pilot Plant scale up facility, where materials innovations from the bench move into stages of process development and then to scale up at an industrial level. Next the Printed Electronics Lab showcased aerosol gels printed on various surfaces as well as printable antennae, which are currently used today in consumer products such as liquor bottles to combat tampering. Last was an inside look into the multiple innovation hubs that are housed in the XRCC.

Nathan Hordy, from Anomera, discussing how Innovation4D has helped his startup grow.

After the tours, we were introduced to Nathan Hordy, Director of Operations at Anomera Inc., a start-up that is fixing the problem of environmentally unsafe microbeads in cosmetic skin care products. Partnering with the XRCC, the start up has since commercialized their cellulose innovation for use in cosmetics and skin care applications that are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

From speaking to the industry and start-up professionals, you get a sense that green chemistry principles permeate throughout these hubs from many standpoints. The environment among members of IntelliFLEX, Chemical Institute of Canada, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) was particularly relaxed, everyone has at least had a chance to learn something and met someone new.

Below are more highlights and photos of the event:

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