Startup Weekend Peel, Build a Company in 54 Hours

3859934a326e2c87d63665dfcdf6c509_LStartup Weekend Peel was a 54 hour event held on June 6-8 at Microsoft Canada. The weekend focused on “tech for good” with 15 entrepreneurial ideas pitched to an energetic crowd of startup enthusiasts. Teams organically formed around 8 of these ideas, and with the help of mentors – 8 companies with business models, market analysis’, customer validation studies, and tangible beta versions were formed 54 hours later.

Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada spoke to the teams at the final awards and shared her personal story about adversity and perseverance. There was also abundant hand shaking and introductions by networking individuals of all levels and backgrounds. The weekend was a blast of fun and energy, infused with inspiring talks and an innovative and creative culture.

After much deliberation, the winner of Startup Weekend Peel was awarded to Access EZ – who is in the midst of creating an app to help people with mobility challenges determine how accessible a location is with reviews and ratings on wheelchair ramps, automatic doors, etc. Mo Ekujumi, one of the members of Access EZ shared his experience at Startup Weekend Peel,

“Startup weekend was an amazing experience! I went there for a purpose, and I achieved exactly that. I wanted to join a team to work on a tech product that actually helps people. I wanted to contribute Project Management, User Experience, Business Development work and a final presentation. Startup weekend is the perfect place to fine-tune your skills in a relaxed, non-consequential environment.”

Startup Weekend is your opportunity to thrive in an inspiring culture and to get work done. These events are hosted by a global network of passionate leaders who aim to inspire, educate and empower communities and the teams within them. Visit the Startup Weekend website  for more information about the events and other upcoming Startup Weekends.

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