Startup Support for Entrepreneurial Students

By Thomas Liu

If you do a Google search for entrepreneurial services provided to young entrepreneurs, you’ll find large number of organizations welcoming youth looking to start a business with open arms. However, there’s one catch – you have to be out of school and unemployed.

Although it may well be the case these are the people most in need of guidance, but what if you’re a university undergraduate with a brilliant idea? Well, this article will provide you now with what Google might be able to do with some degree of accuracy in 10 years – three and a half organizations catering to students.

First on the list is Junior Achievement of Canada (JACAN). They’re dedicated to educating and inspiring students about business and economics. Business community volunteers help them discover leadership, entrepreneurial and workforce readiness skills. Click here to visit their website.

The second on this list is not an organization, but a program. Summer Company is designed specifically for youths 15-29 attending school wanting to start a summer business (8-12 weeks). This program is started by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and it provides consulting and $3000 to promote young entrepreneurs to create their own summer job.

Another program, The Next 36, is an entrepreneurial initiative started by two University of Toronto professors and supported by businesspeople like Galen Weston. Specifically, Next 36 provides personal mentorship from Canada’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs, unparalleled support for the development of your own venture in the mobile environment, unique combination of academic theory, business mentorship and practical entrepreneurial experience, a powerful peer network with 35 of Canada’s most talented and innovative students, and $25,000 in tuition grant per student. Successful applicants to the program are separated into teams and matched with mentors who help them develop a venture. Click here for more information.

This last organization is the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. Although one of the biggest national charities that provide pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing and mentoring for youth age 18-34 to help start a business, they do not provide some of their services to full time students. Click here to visit their website.

Thomas Liu is an undergrad student at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.  He is currently enrolled in the Commerce program pursuing a specialist in Accounting and Finance.  Thomas is a summer intern with the Altitude Accelerator acting as Research Associate / Market Analyst.

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