Startup Canada Tour – Brampton Stop & Global Pitch Competition

The final stop of Startup Canada Tour will take place in Brampton on October 26! Connect with the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem at Startup Canada Tour to build out your network, learn from industry experts, and apply that knowledge back into your early stage business

Pitch Criteria

The pitch competition applications will be open only to startups (businesses less than $1,000,000 in revenue or who have no current sales as of April 11, 2023) and that have business / operations in Canada. Applications must also show intent and/or ability to export and go global.

Apply today (here) for your opportunity to win from a series of cash prizes and to advance to a spot in the grand finale! PLUS, all pitch applicants will get a special discount code for a Startup Canada Tour Pass.

To learn more about the Startup Canada Brampton Tour Stop, click here

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