Starting Up Is Just the Beginning

By: Matthew Kert

Going from nothing, to a full iPhone application (sold in the apple app store) in just 102 days is not normal. But for the creators of Task Ave., their journey was nothing but normal. Winning the 2010 Toronto edition of Start-up Weekend propelled them into something that three days beforehand, had no idea what they would be getting into. Task Ave. is an innovative application that is not only a to-do list with reminders, but also a helpful tool that knows where you area and reminds you to do the task when you are nearby. It was at Startup Weekend Toronto where Brian Gilham met Matt Rintoul and the idea was formed. Their idea was simple, saying how it would be “cool to have a to-do list that knew where things were.”

The team that they had formed all had the technical know-how as well as some business intelligence so they had all the ingredients of a successful team but just needed to put it all together. After an all-nighter, and a lot of energy drinks, they had a working prototype and eventually won the event. But winning was only the start. After going to other local events to showcase their app, they weren’t able to get any investors but they gained a lot of feedback. After some administration details they had to take care of to get it in the marketplace, Task Ave. was ready in just 102 days. Task Ave. is an innovative application that got its start on Startup Weekend and continued their success long afterwards. Start-ups take a lot of hard work but as said by Gilham “don’t worry about the idea, just get it out there.” Startup Weekend gave them that opportunity.

Startup Weekend is coming to Peel Region for the first time and is taking place at the new Hazel McCallion Campus for Sheridan. From October 19th till the 21st you will have the chance to pitch and create the next great innovation. Register today!

Matthew is a final year undergraduate student majoring in Communication, Culture & Information Technology and Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. He is interning at the RIC centre and is responsible for managing various social media events the company has to offer. He is very interested in advertising and marketing with a strong background in online marketing.

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