Solutions 2030 Challenge

Ontario’s Solutions 2030 Challenge Statement
Transformative technologies drive change… whether evolutionary, revolutionary or disruptive. Ontario is seeking transformative technologies that offer cost-effective greenhouse gas reductions for manufacturing and industrial processes to drive systemic transformations across sectors, and position Ontario as a global leader in building a low-carbon future.


Climate change is one of the most significant challenges faced by humankind. Reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions we produce is a massive and complex problem that we must tackle with speed and cooperation to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. There is no singular solution, but technology can and will play a critical role. While many technological solutions are ready to be deployed today, there is still a need to keep an eye on the future to identify new ideas and inventions to transform industries and achieve deep cuts in GHG emissions in the coming decades.

Ontario’s Solutions 2030 Challenge is a global call for innovators to propose their solutions to help Ontario industry reduce GHG emissions. With up to $7 million in funding, including up to $3 million in support for the winning team to bring their transformative technology to market, the challenge asks teams and industry to collaborate and envision a path forward to tackle climate change in Ontario and around the world.

A three-phase competition over three years, the Solutions 2030 Challenge is designed to identify and accelerate the development of technologies that have a high potential to help Ontario industry meet 2030 emissions targets.

Solution 2030 Guidelines

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