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Software Development for Startups: An In-Depth Guide

This resource guide is for: Entrepreneurs, founders and software developers undertaking new software development projects at their startups. The goal is to guide entrepreneurs through the complex software development process, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for them to successfully manage their projects and get them to market faster and cheaper.

Written by: Alex Senson, Ashley Burton, Tyler Boulanger

Welcome to Altitude Accelerator’s detailed resource guide on topics related to software development for startups. Below, you’ll find an index of all of the articles within this topic area. You can choose where to start based on the current stage of your venture, your most pressing needs, or topics of specific interest.

We start with a section on how to get software developed and explain all the different options for putting together a team or starting development yourself. We then discuss the best ways to communicate with an manage these teams. After this we get into the basics of more technical topics, giving startup founders a base of knowledge they can use to manage their projects better, and get a minimum viable product (MVP) finished efficiently. Finally, we discuss more specialized areas of software development such as life science, video games, and emerging technologies.

Section 1: How to Make Software Products: Six Options for Startups

Section 2: Software Development Communication Essentials for Startups

Next, we delve into effective communication strategies to use between technical and non-technical team members. It’s important that startup founders understand the language, key terms and concepts from both sides. It also helps if the development team is well versed on the way business focused people prefer to communicate.

Section 3: How to Create Software: Development Techniques to Learn

This section describes more technical and practical aspects of software development for startups. Before pulling the trigger and starting development, it would be wise to understand some of the technical aspects of the development process. Founders will then be better prepared in managing developers, making informed strategic development decisions, and choosing the correct path forward for their unique product. Getting it right on the first try will save a lot of time and money.

Section 4: Tips for Mobile App Development at Your Software Startup

Section 5: Software Development for the Life Science Industry

Section 6: Video Game Development