Smart Water: EMAGIN is Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Managing Water Utilities and Industries Safer and Greener

By Phyllis Mak, Altitude Accelerator’s Communications Intern

With highly disruptive factors such as climate change creating risks for public, environmental and economic health, it’s time to find a proactive response when it comes to managing our water— and that’s what EMAGIN aims to do.mohammedEmagin

By combining artificial intelligence with water utilities and industries, EMAGIN wants to shift the paradigm from reacting manually to proactively controlling how water utilities are operated and managed. Altitude Accelerator client and COO of EMAGIN Mohamad Vedut talks to us about creating EMAGIN and their success.

“Building an artificial intelligence company like EMAGIN has been an incredible and rewarding journey. What we’ve accomplished in such a short period of time has really come from our drive to bring change to the digital water landscapes, which is also a global issue,” says Mohamad. “There hasbeen a growing interest from a number of industries and municipalities throughout North America. We’re currently working with two Ontario municipalities that are using our AI to help operate their water and wastewater systems.”

EMAGIN’s innovative, artificial intelligence-driven optimization and analytics platform is the Hybrid Adaptive Real-Time Virtual Intelligence, or HARVI. With HARVI, EMAGIN wants to leverage artificial intelligence to create an intelligent water system that connects to its natural and built environment.

“Our platform is able to predict what’s going to happen in the future, simulate those impacts on the water system in real-time, and provide municipal operators with the most optimal decision,” explains Mohamad. “In fact, we don’t require our clients to adopt new hardware to incorporate our AI into their systems. We’re able to adapt seamlessly with existing municipal infrastructure, which allows municipalities and industries to keep money in their pockets. I think what’s really important here is that we’re not just selling software or an AI, but we’re building an exclusive relationship with our clients to constantly cater to their needs.”

The goal is to not only reduce risk and optimize system performance, but to also lower operation costs, enhance service reliability and promote conversion.

And their ambitious efforts did not go unnoticed: on January 9th, it was announced that EMAGIN were amongst the twelve startup companies selected out of 180 companies as one of the Top 10 promising data-driven water businesses worldwide to participate in Imagine H2O’s (IH2O) 8th Annual Accelerator Program.EmaginTeam

“It’s an honour to be ranked one the top data-driven startups globally in the water sector,” reveals Mohamad. “IH2O provides water entrepreneurs with the resources, insight and visibility to launch and scale successful businesses. They have access to a global network of industry and utility leaders that are committed to advancing water innovation. We’re proud to be representing Canada going into this accelerator as we look to address some of the critical water challenges not only in North America, but across the globe.”

EMAGIN will also be presenting at IH2O’s annual Water Gala and WEF Innovation Conference in San Francisco in March 2017. The team is currently hard at work with their preparations and are excited for the event.

“The Altitude Accelerator’s commitment to providing us with a wealth of support, mentorship, and guidance has been the one of the key factors to our success in 2016,” adds Mohamad. “They believe in EMAGIN’s vision in transforming North American cities into intelligent urban ecosystems.”

But there’s no time to rest— EMAGIN has a lot planned out for their business in 2017, even after all they’ve achieved in 2016.

“We’ve accomplished so much in our first year. Getting to market, securing clients, being ranked in the top tier of our sector, partnerships, etc. For 2017, we look forward to continuing that momentum by growing our business and expanding our team as we move across North America,” reveals Mohamad. “I think what stands out throughout this whole process is how our team of unique backgrounds came together for a common purpose. We wake up every day and work with some of the coolest technologies we can ‘imagine’, surrounded by an amazing team. We love what we do!”


Congratulations and best of luck to EMAGIN in all their future endeavours! Stay updated with all of their latest news on Twitter and their website.

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