Smart Computing R&D Challenge


Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), the Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) are partnering to support collaborative research and development projects by Ontario industry companies and academic research partners through OCE’s Voucher for Industry Association R&D Challenge program.

The Smart Computing R&D Challenge will provide a total of $7.5 million over two years, with $1.5 million from OCE, $3 million from NSERC and another $3 million from industry in cash and in kind. Individual projects can be up to two years in length, and receive up to $500,000 in cash and in-kind contributions. Funding for postdoctoral fellows is also available through OCE’s TalentEdge program.

The Smart Computing R&D Challenge aims to:

  • Generate creative collaborations among SOSCIP consortium member academic institutions and industry
  • Facilitate new opportunities for researchers and industry to access high performance Blue Gene/Q, Cloud, Agile, and Large Memory System computing environments
  • Address industry challenges across a broad range of strategic sectors
  • Create new products and/or services that can be commercialized in Ontario and applied both domestically and around the globe.

Reminder of application deadline: before 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015


Computing resources that will be available include the following:

  • Blue Gene/Q supercomputer and accompanying infrastructure – situated at U of T’s SciNet facility.
  • Agile and Cloud (utilizing the Virtual Computing Lab environment) computing infrastructures – situated at Western’s SHARCNET facility.
  • Large Memory System – situated at Queen’s University’s HPCVL facility

Human resources that will be available include the following:

  • Cloud/Agile and Blue Gene/Q specific technical support personnel
  • Cross-team support personnel – including data architects and analytics specialists

Benefits to companies:

  • Access new talent and established academic researchers
  • Access to SOSCIP advanced computing tools and infrastructure
  • Identify innovative marketable solutions to current industry challenges
  • Gain affordable short-term skilled labour
  • Increase productivity and revenue
  • Gain exposure for company and brand

Benefits to academia:

  • Access exciting innovation challenges and conduct cutting edge research to solve industry and sector-wide problems
  • Increase visibility of your team in both academic and industry research environments
  • Create intellectual property
  • Establish relationships with industry firms

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