Smart Cocoon Surpasses Kickstarter Campaign Goal by 1010%

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Whether you think about it or not, the climate in your home can make the difference in the way you and your family feel. We’ve all experienced first hand that drafty room, the too hot bedroom in the summer months, and the other summer and winter temperature imbalances that come when the air in your home isn’t flowing smoothly. 

That’s where Smart Cocoon comes in. Their goal is to have you come home from a day of stress to unwind, play, and relax. If you’re looking for the ultimate in home comfort, SmartCocoon can help. Their smart climate system gives you complete control over your home’s airflow, so the temperature in every room is always just right.

Smart Cocoon recently launched a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise $10,000 to mass produce their units for the DIY homeowner. They were very fortunate to have raised $101,000 with a lot of backers from the U.S, resulting in 1010% of their overall fundraising goal. 

The Toronto-based startup is in scale up mode. They have just raised over $500,000 in investment funds from friends and family to help with growing the company. They brought their company to the Altitude Accelerator as they started to raise funds and look for experts to help us collaborate, connect and share best practices on how best to grow our company within the clean tech space. 

“It amazes us that there are resources out there like RIC to help entrepreneurs grow their ideas or products. The people we have dealt with at RIC are first class professionals and the introductions they have made in the business community have certainly accelerated our growth and gotten us attention to a wider and more influential market.” Chris Mildon, Business Development & Strategy, Smart Cocoon

What sets you apart from your competitors? 

Smart Cocoon solves a century old problem of air distribution of heat and cold for most homes. They’re doing this by producing a unit that through its AI algorithms and proprietary software makes a real difference in creating a comfort in all rooms, reducing energy bills up to 30% and helping save the planet. They are the only smart fan company that manages airflow for HVAC systems intelligently and “actively”. 

The startup has plans to launch with Home Depot and other relevant retail stores this spring and summer

When asked what innovation looks like at Smart Cocoon, Mildon responded with:

“There is always some great innovation that comes through the customer feedback and as they experience what our technology can or can’t do for them. The team also continuously finds ways to find new applications in other industries and markets and position our technology for those. And yet some of the innovations really happen by learning more and more from situations on the ground and more importantly “data” we are collecting.” 

Learn more about Smart Cocoon through their website at

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