Should Small Businesses Worry About Employee Satisfaction?

By Misha Waheed

Employee engagement is not just an issue for large corporations, but also for start-up businesses. Employees are a very crucial part of small businesses and serve as the driving force behind a company’s success and prosperity. This makes it important for entrepreneurs to make sure that their start up teams feel like an irreplaceable and valuable part of the business.

Here are five things that start-up businesses should focus on to make sure that their team is fully motivated and engaged:

  1. Communicate frequently: Listen to what your employees have to say about your ideas and keep them updated on the direction that the company is going in. Try to implement the suggestions of your team so that they have a say in how things are done.
  2. Engage their creative talent: Learn more about the skills that your employees possess and what they enjoy doing. Give them some freedom to express their creativity and have fun with their work.
  3. Provide constructive feedback: Give your team feedback on a regular basis. This allows them to strengthen their own skills and develop pride in the work that they do.
  4. Create a sense of community: Make the effort to interact and engage in casual conversation with everyone on your team. Not only will they appreciate your interest, but will also develop strong personal ties to the business itself.
  5. Promote personal growth: Help your employees recognise and develop their own strengths and values. They will be more satisfied with their work if they have room to explore their talents and grow in different ways.

By following these steps, small businesses can make sure that their team members feel valued and appreciated for their efforts. If employees have some kind of incentive for working harder, they will make greater contributions and can help the company become innovative and successful.

Misha is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Communication, Culture & Information Technology and Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. She is currently interning at the RIC centre as an Assistant Communication Officer and is responsible for developing content for the RIC website.

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